Hamilton's RCX-10 Anion Exchange HPLC Column

Hamilton RCX-10 columns are designed with high exchange capacity for quality carbohydrate separation. Isocratic or gradient separations can be used depending on the complexity of the mixture. A pulsed amperometric detector (PAD) is recommended for gradient separations to utilize the full potential of this column. High pH can be used to enhance carbohydrate separation on RCX-10 columns due to the negative charge of sugars at basic pH.

Application Examples: Carbohydrates, polysaccharides, sugar oligomers up to DP8.

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How to Choose Column Specifications for Your Application

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Specific Applications

  • Use of RCX-10 for Analysis of [18F]FDG

    Due to the short half-life of the 18F radionuclide, radiotracers are preferably produced locally or transported over short distances, leading to local production . On-site quality control is critical before clinical use. See how the RCX-10 enables reliable analysis for radiotracers.


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