Various liquid handlers, ML Prep, Microlab STAR, Vantage, and a Nimbus

(STAR line instruments. Coming soon for future NIMBUS & VANTAGE Liquid Handling System products lines.)

Adjust your robot to your needs

  • Do you want to automate additional assays on your STAR instruments?
  • Has your throughput changed and now requires new pipetting tools?
  • Do you want to start on a small scale and upgrade your Hamilton instrument size and accessories in the future?

Achieve more

  • Increase walk-away time
  • Get higher throughput
  • Automate additional assays

Microlab STARLine systems are specifically designed to enable reconfigurations and upgrades quickly and easily. Most upgrades are performed in your lab within one to two days, significantly minimizing downtime. In addition, a wide range of functional deck labware such as the vacuum station, heaters, coolers or shakers, and STARLine systems can be upgraded with

  • Up to 8 x 5 ml pipetting channels
  • Up to 16 x 1 ml pipetting channels
  • Multiprobe heads (96 and 384 probe head)
  • Labware handling tools (CO-RE grip, iSWAP, tube handler)
  • Imaging channel with USB camera
  • Platform upgrade from STARlet to STARplus
  • Single arm instrument upgrade to dual arm instrument