Microlab Prep transfer sample screen, which allows you to customize the volume and dispense settings.

Full, Custom Protocols Just a Few Taps Away

Automation software doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult to use, and with the Microlab Prep, programming is easier than ever. The system features a mounted touchscreen interface that can design and run protocols with only a few taps. On the Prep’s user-friendly software, programming your methods is as easy as using your smartphone.

Create Protocols in Minutes, and Save Them for Later

To program a new protocol, all you need to do is tap steps in the software and put them in the order you want. The Microlab Prep was designed to make sample preparation more convenient than ever, so any protocol can be saved as a favorite and run again whenever you need.

Don’t spend any more days manually pipetting samples in your lab. In just a few simple steps, the Prep will take care of it for you.

Easily See Everything You Need to Know About Your Run

The Microlab Prep gives you just as much information about your run as you would have if you were doing it yourself. The software’s run screen shows you the time remaining in your protocol, what action the Prep is performing, and what steps still need to be completed.

With the Prep, you can trust that everything in your protocol is running smoothly. If any errors do unfortunately occur, the software immediately notifies you and provides you with the steps to fix it. Hamilton provides the information needed to ensure your Prep runs smoothly long after you’ve purchased it. Every system comes with programmed maintenance guide to keep it as fast, precise, and reliable as it was the day you bought it.

Over 65 Years of Innovation Brought Us to This

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