Microlab 600 dispenser

Single, Dual, and Continuous Dispensers

Each Microlab 600 dispenser is based on a positive displacement syringe pump that provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid’s viscosity, vapor pressure and temperature.

How do I order a dispenser?

The Microlab 600 Dispensers are sold in complete packages which include all necessary tubing, syringes, and accessories.

See the available instrument configuration, controller, and hand probe combinations within in the table below.


Instrument ConfigurationBasic Controller
Part Numbers
Advanced Controller
Part Numbers
Hand ProbeSyringe Options
Single Syringe ML610-DIS ML620-DIS Concorde 10 µL - 50 mL
Dual Syringe ML615-DIS ML625-DIS Dual Push Button 10 µL - 50 mL
Continuous ML615-CNT ML625-CNT Concorde 10 µL - 50 mL

Instrument Configurations

There are three different Dispenser hardware configurations. Use the descriptions and animations below to determine which is best for the intended application.

Hamilton ML610-DIS

Single Syringe Dispenser

The Single Syringe Dispenser is the lowest cost system with one dedicated syringe pump for medium throughput dispensing applications. Precision stepper motors automatically refill the syringe from a reservoir considerably improving speed and accuracy compared to traditional laboratory equipment like serological and repeating pipettes.

Hamilton Microlab 600 Basic Dual Syringe Dispenser

Dual Syringe Dispenser

The Dual Syringe Dispenser incorporates two syringe pumps to expand the instrument's capabilities. Some common uses for the the Dual syringe system include:

  • Double throughput by dispensing into two containers at the same time
  • Double the volume or the speed of a dispense by dispensing from both syringes to the same container
  • Fill each syringe with a different liquid to create binary mixtures with different ratios of each liquid
  • Use one syringe for dilution and the other syringe for sample spiking
Hamilton Microlab 600 Basic Continuous Dispenser

Continuous Dispenser

The Continuous Dispenser is designed for time critical applications requiring repetitive dispensing. One syringe fills while the other syringe dispenses so the instrument is always ready. Perfect for integration into semi-automated or fully automated manufacturing lines.

Syringe Selection

The highest accuracy and precision is achieved when dispensing volumes that are greater than 10% of the nominal volume of the syringe. Accuracy that exceeds most air displacement technologies can be achieve down to 1% of the syringes nominal volume. The Microlab 600 syringe allows for programming of dispense volumes in increments less than 0.01% of the nominal syringe volume.

Accuracy and Precision TableBROWSE SYRINGE SELECTION

Small Volume Syringe Priming Considerations

When selecting a syringe it is important to consider the priming volume of the valves and tubing. Syringes below 500 µL will require several strokes to complete the initial system prime. At a minimum the fill tubing should be shortened to minimize dead volume in the system. If smaller syringes between 10 - 100 µL are desired for your application it would be valuable to discuss this with an application specialist.


Dispense Methods

diluter dispenser wizard

Wizards and Favorites

Quickly create make and adjust dispense methods with Wizards. Save commonly used setting in Favorites and quickly recall them from the Home Screen. Common dispense Wizards include:

  • Aliquot Dispense
  • Serial Dispense
  • Titration
  • Pipetting


Custom Methods

For applications that require more creativity than is available in the standard dispense wizard Custom Methods provide the needed flexibility. A simple interface us used to add each line of a method and control details like:

  • Syringe volume and speed
  • Valve position
  • Program flow and looping
  • Step triggering with the probe, automatically, or via TTL
  • TTL Output Signals
  • Concorde Hand Probe LED color
  • Step Counters
Microlab 600 ML600

How Does the Microlab 600 Benefit Your Lab?

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