Easy-to-understand Wizards give step-by-step guidance for basic set up configuration and all applications to simplify programming. Wizards go beyond simple diluting and dispensing to include repetitive dispensing, air gaps, system washes, variable speeds, and probe light control. These additional functions increase flexibility and throughput of the Microlab 600.

Ml600 Dilution

Dilution Wizard

Achieve analytical dilutions by inputting only 2 parameters like sample volume and diluent volume or dilution factor and final volume. Additional parameters like air gaps and wash volumes are easily input.

Ml600 Aliquot

Aliquot Dispense Wizard

Enter the desired dispense volume and go. The instrument determines when the syringe needs to refill. Dispense volume can be changed on the fly.

Ml600 Serialdispense

Serial Dispense Wizard

Program a series of dispense volumes and the Microlab 600 will execute the dispenses and determine when to refill. Press the hold button to dispense the same volume multiple times before proceeding to the next volume on the list.

Microlab 600 Dry Weight Icons 04

Dry Weight Dilution Wizard

Accurately prepare analytical standards by selecting pre-programmed solvents (liquid) and standards (powder or liquid) to achieve the desired concentration and total volume for the application.

Ml600 Titration

Titration Wizard

Dispense an initial volume to get you close and then a step volume to slowly titrate to the end point. The instrument keeps track of the total volume used during the titration.

Ml600 Pipette

Pipette Wizard

Use for simple sample transfers from one container to another.

Download Additional Wizard Plugins

These optional Wizards can be installed on any Advanced Controller running software revision 5003 or later. Download the plugin files below and save them to the Microlab 600's SD card. Insert the SD card and press Configuration → Software → Manage Plugins → Install → Select Package and Accept. The package will install and will be placed in the Wizards menu on the home screen.