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Extraction – Magnetic based



Hamilton has combined its expertise in automated liquid handling with AGOWA’s strength in magnetic bead technology to offer an automated and fully validated system consisting of Hamilton’s Microlab STAR and AGOWA® mag Midi DNA Isolation Kit. Using this setup, up to 2.5 μg of total DNA per sample can be extracted from blood using a validated, simple, reliable and fully automated procedure, with a throughput of 300 samples per shift.

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • Microlab STAR, 8 channels, autoload
  • AGOWA SPE 9600 magnetic separator (AGOWA, Berlin, Germany)
  • AGOWA single deck kit and Midi or Maxi Kits reagent carrier
  • Standard Volume CO-RE Tips without filter (300 μl)
  • Downstream applications of eluted gDNA may be integrated using the same platform (e.g., DNA normalization, PCR setup)
  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Hands-free processing
  • Eluted DNA is ready to use for PCR setup
  • Additional AGOWA kits can be adapted using the same platform
  • Individual number of processed samples per run