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pH Buffers

pH Buffers

All calibration procedures assume that the labeled values of the calibration buffers are correct. But buffer values can change over time and so can your results. A complete range of patented buffer solutions provides pH stability up to 5 years, something never achieved before. The pH buffers 9.21 and 10.0 are even stable in air. High buffering capacity provides rapid, stable calibration. The growth of fungus and micro-organisms is prevented.


  • Convenient 250 mL or 500 mL bottle with built-in calibration compartment
  • Economical, only about 15 mL of buffer is used per calibration
  • Certified pH value from a DAkkS laboratory accredited for pH measurement
  • First class certificate with traceability to international standards
  • Certificates available here
  • Expiration date on the bottle
  • Immune to microbial growth 

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