Optimize Your Post-Analytic Workflow with Automation

As demands to gain efficiency in clinical diagnostics labs continue to grow, shifting manual lab processes to an automated setup has become increasingly important. Labs that utilize an automated workflow boast huge advantages in terms of speed, efficiency, and sample integrity. Hamilton offers optimal solutions for your post-analytic workflow with smooth integration to your lab environment and reliable automated solutions.


Optimize Your Diagnostics Workflow with Hamilton Automation

Automated DNA Storage for Genetic Labs

How It Works

Storing samples has never been easier. Simply place a tube rack in the Input/Output (I/O) Module and let the Verso Q-Series system handle the rest. The platform can identify samples, store at a temperature ranging from ambient to -20°C, and, if desired, transmit the information of loaded tubes to your LIMS without any additional user interaction.

Complete Sample Traceability

One of the key components of a seamless audit trail is an easy-to-read 2D barcode on the bottom of the sample tube. This laser-etched bottom barcode gives researchers the ability to identify a tube at any given time.

Hamilton automated sample storage systems scan the barcode of each introduced tube and store its position within the database. From the very first identification step, every move a tube makes is tracked. The current position of a tube can be displayed within the INSTINCT S software’s user interface, or a report showing the entire audit trail can be created and exported.

Verso and Verso Q-Series platforms can also run a self-inventory audit, during which the INSTINCT S software verifies that all tubes are in their expected location. The system automatically reports or corrects the database if discrepancies are discovered.

Integrate to Elevate

Automate your entire process with Hamilton. Upgrade your automated DNA extraction workflow with the addition of an integrated, fully automated storage solution.

  • Transfer extracted DNA directly from the primary tube into the automated storage system, with no manual intervention.
  • Minimize the time a sample is exposed to ambient temperature.
  • The system sorts samples at -20°C.

For workflows where storage capacity of several hundred-thousand tubes are required, Hamilton also offer large scale, modular storage systems.


Sample Safety, Always

Verso Q-Series features superior insulation and refrigeration technology for a secure, reliable storage environment, making it the ideal system for your precious samples.

  • Unique, manufacturing applied 2D bottom barcode allows for foolproof tube identification—no need to rely on reading an employee’s handwriting.
  • Risk of picking the wrong tube is mitigated as tube IDs and positions are managed by the software. There are no manual steps required for tube archiving and picking.
  • With no freezer door to open, sample temperature fluctuation and frost formation are virtually eliminated.
  • Rigid storage racks keep tubes safely in position.
  • Systems are available with redundant refrigeration to maintain storage temperature in the event of a disaster scenario.

Automated Serum Bank

Streamline Your Workflow While Freeing Up Space

Hamilton offers a fully automated solution for your serum samples. By utilizing a combination of an automated decapper, liquid handler, and -20°C tube store, the entire serum storage workflow is covered. Dedicated storage tubes within the automated freezer provide a safe, secure, and reliable way to store your samples. The result is an ultra-efficient workflow that requires far less lab space than manual methods.

Automate to Save Space

A fully realized serum sample workflow example, which features a combination of a Verso Q75, Hamilton STAR V liquid handler, and a LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper, has a footprint of just 7 m2 (75 ft2) and can securely store up to 90,100 tubes.

In order to store the same number of samples using traditional manual freezers, you would need 17 standard freezers storing 5,500 samples apiece. This would require 22 m2 (241 ft2) of lab space.

This massive space savings benefit is achieved by using smaller storage tubes within the automated system, opposed to the often used primary tubes within manual freezers. Hamilton storage tubes are rated for storage applications down to -196°C, which provides peace of mind for labs storing samples at -20°C.

Small and Powerful

Verso Q-Series automated freezers boast large storage capacities in extremely compact footprints. The Verso Q75, for instance, can store up to 90,100 Hamilton 0.6 mL tubes on a footprint of just 1.5 m2 (16 ft2). This allows labs to store samples at a central location in order to create a more efficient, streamlined workflow. For workflows in which the storage of several hundred thousand tubes is required, Hamilton also offers large scale, modular automated freezers.

Superior Sample Security

  • Reliable identification thanks to machine readable 2D tube barcodes
  • Air-Lock gate with minimal air exchange during tube rack delivery ensures temperature stability
  • Full sample tracking (audit trail)
  • Redundant refrigeration
  • High-quality container with tight screw cap

Streamlined Laboratory Workflows

  • No need to manually search for tubes or struggle to read an employee's handwriting
  • Ice/frost issues are eliminated
  • Single tube processing; only the requested tubes are transferred out of storage

Huge Savings in Space and Energy Consumption

  • Compact footprint and high-density storage allow for automated workflows even in small labs
  • Significant reduction of energy used in comparison to a conventional freezer farm
  • Green refrigerant is used to help reduce your lab's carbon footprint

Biobanking Solutions for Clinical Diagnostics

We also offer solutions for storing an aliquot of your samples in an automated -80°C storage system.

Our line of -80°C platforms includes SAM HD and BiOS, both of which were designed to add speed and efficiency to your biobanking workflow while maintaining sample integrity. SAM HD features powerful storage of up to 85,000 samples in a compact footprint, while BiOS is scalable to allow for the secure storage of up to 22 million samples.


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