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Top-Tier Hamilton Technology with a Smaller Footprint than Ever

Since our founding more than 70 years ago, Hamilton has been dedicated to developing the highest quality solutions to support scientific research across the globe. The Hamilton Microlab Prep packs our signature technology into a compact workstation that can fit in any lab.

Reliable and Gentle Tip Pickup: CO-RE Technology

The Microlab Prep features Hamilton’s proprietary Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE) technology that gives you the best pipetting experience possible. Found on all of Hamilton’s liquid handlers, CO-RE pipetting technology leads to more precise and consistent tip attachment, gentler tip detachment, and longer lifespan for hardware.

How it works: CO-RE technology uses a small o-ring in each channel that fits into a groove on the tips. When the channel picks up the tip, the ring compresses to fill the groove, focusing any pressure on the o-ring while eliminating pressure on the tip.


High Quality Pipetting

The Microlab Prep, along with Hamilton’s other automated liquid handlers, stands out from other automated pipetting systems through air displacement technology. This pipetting technology, similar to using a hand pipette, increases accuracy and precision with a dynamic pipetting range between 1µL and 1000 µL. Air displacement on the Prep makes your life easier by reducing required maintenance and decreasing potential contamination or sample dilution.

Innovative Features for Speed and Convenience

The Microlab Prep not only removes manual pipetting from your to-do list, each workstation identifies labware using machine vision to speed up the entire process. The Prep’s labware identification feature eliminates the need to look through long lists to find what you need.

The camera also guards you against running a protocol with incorrect labware pieces or placement. The Prep immediately notifies you if there’s an error in your set-up and provides instructions on what needs to be changed. Innovative technology on the Microlab Prep has you covered from start to finish.

Powerful Software as Easy to Use as a Smartphone

Benefits from the Microlab Prep extend far beyond the system’s hardware. The system’s sleek, modern software is simple to start up, easy to run, and gives you everything you need to power your workflows with just a few taps.

Choose from libraries of pre-programmed common pipetting steps and chain them together to create custom protocols. Any protocol you run can be saved as a favorite, so when you need to use it again, you can get started in just one or two steps. With the Microlab Prep, efficient and accurate protocols are only a tap away.

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