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Stand Alone Syringe Pumps

Hamilton Standalone Pumps

The Microlab 600 is available as a standalone pump with single and dual syringe configurations. The standalone pump offers two communication capabilities—Ethernet and RS-232.

Why Choose a Standalone Syringe Pump?

Take full command of your diluting and dispensing applications with the Microlab 600 standalone syringe pump. The standalone syringe pump allows you to custom program methods and deploy commands to any instrument on your network from anywhere in the world, giving you unparalleled control of your process.

Some liquid handling applications require the integration of multiple electronic devices to accomplish a single task. This custom coding solution is the perfect solution for a variety of conditions including:
  • Sequential applications when automated liquid diluting or dispensing is part of a series of actions or traveling along a conveyor belt
  • Control room environments where applications are managed remotely
  • Dispensing volatile or complicated liquids such as mercury, epoxy or radioactive materials as part of a manufacturing or testing process
  • Settings that require a fully developed precision diluting or dispensing solution work in tandem with a larger system
  • Liquid handling applications that require the integration of multiple electronic devices to accomplish a single task
  • Any situation that could benefit from remote automation or custom programming

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