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The Microlab 600 is recommended to be sent in for maintenance and recalibration on an annual basis. A calibration expiration date is not provided on the Certificate of Calibration as recalibration frequency requirements vary by customer. Please contact Hamilton Technical Support to initiate the maintenance and recalibration process.

It is recommended to keep spare valves, syringes, and tubing on hand as these parts may need to be replaced over time.

Instrument Performance Test Reports

The Microlab 600 is shipped with calibration certificates which validate the positional accuracy of the valve motors and syringe drives. The positional accuracy is then compared to the allowable tolerance of a 1 mL syringe to determine the resulting dispense volumes. This method has been proven to correlate to dispense accuracy through extensive testing.

Replacement Certificates

A replacement certificate may be requested via email at [email protected]. Please include the serial number located on the back of the syringe pump (SN: ML600XXXXXXX).