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Fully automated blood fractionation and buffy coat transfer applications.

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Sample preparation for biobanking often requires the splitting of blood samples into its basic components, serum/plasma, white blood cells (buffy coat) and red blood cells. These three separate liquids are then either used for immediate sample analysis, DNA extraction or sent to a store for later use.

The easyBlood system is designed to support this preparation process and make it safer for the sample and the associated data, the donor and the operator. 


  • Camera based fraction identification
  • Automated buffy coat isolation
  • Pipetting of all three fractions into one or multiple aliquots
  • Dedicated specific liquid classes
  • Full sample tracking



  • Automates tedious and error-prone buffy coat pipetting process
  • Operator independent pipetting of precious biobanking samples
  • Free-up laboratory resources
  • Increased sample safety with complete sample tracking

  • Automated buffy coat detection and pipetting
    The high-resolution industrial camera takes an image of every single tube after it has been positively identified by the barcode scanner. The high performance image processing software analyzes every tube and searches for the fractions. The evaluated values are stored for pipetting and the sample image, the processing settings are saved for sample traceability.
  • Up to 144 primary samples processed in one run
    Up to 6 sample carriers can be loaded, identified and analyzed simultaneously. The carriers are loaded sequentially, all samples as well as target containers are identified before the pipetting process is started.
  • Complete sample tracking including storage of image information
    Every single tube image is stored along with the settings used and the values found. If needed,
    the images can be saved on a remote drive to accompany the sample throughout its time in processing
    and/or storage.
  • On-Deck 2-D barcode scanning implementable
    The easyCode carriers for 2-D barcode reading on microtube racks can be seamlessly integrated.
    The unique identifier on the target or intermediate container can be stored along with other sample information like volume, fraction type, etc.
  • Pre-programmed methods as templates included in delivery
    As all Standard Solutions, the easyBlood system is prepared with basic workflows so adaptations
    to specific workflows can be made easy and efficiently 

easyBlood-(2)The easyBlood system is capable of processing the most common blood collection tubes. Dedicated detection settings for buffy coat height, position, contrast, etc. can be created and stored for different tube and sample types to maximize reading accuracy and reliability.

The tubes are automatically loaded by the Autoload feature of the STAR platform instrument and immediately imaged by the camera and analyzed by the image processing software applying the corresponding settings. Before pipetting is started, all required target containers are loaded and also identified to guarantee 100% sample track-ability.

Using the values from the analysis, pipetting starts with pipetting off the plasma fraction. If required, the plasma can be pipetted automatically to containers, split into small vials or directly into a processing cavity. The number and volume of aliquots can be set according to the workflow needs.

Once a level above the buffy is reached, also a customizable setting, the system picks up a dedicated wide-bore tip for buffy coat pipetting. The buffy coat is aspirated to maximize the yield and at the same time keep the amount of plasma and red blood cells at a minimum. Further treatment of the buffy coat can start right away on another system or on the same robot. The liquid classes for pipetting all fractions are prepared for use.

After a successful pipetting of the buffy coat, the red blood cells can be aspirated with either the same tip or a new one if required.

At the end of the process, the sample tubes and the filled target containers can be unloaded for the operator to access or automatically sent to a store if the corresponding robotics are connected. Data from the process on the easyBlood system can be collected, saved and stored either on a local drive or, given the required infrastructure, sent to a LIMS for future use.

easyBlood carrier


easyCode Carrier

Hamilton provides a solution for 2-D code reading of tube racks on the deck of the Microlab STAR Line. The device has the size of a plate carrier and can be used without any integration effort, it reads all common tube rack and tube codes and formats (24, 48, 96, 384), and it takes less than one second to read the picture of the whole rack taken in one shot.



easyBlood STARlet

STARlet instrument equipped with modular arm and 4 1000 µL channels


easyBlood STAR

STAR instrument equipped with modular arm and 8 1000 µL channels


 Both configurations also include the camera channel, the mirror carrier required for imaging, sample tube carriers and deck equipment for a basic application. Furthermore, software templates are included as well as detection settings for the image processing software.




  • Recognition of the three fractions RBC, buffy coat and plasma
  • User definable thresholds and detection limits to meet specific detection requirements
  • Full sample traceability by storing each image individually

Integrated System

  • Primary tube barcode reader
  • High-resolution industrial camera for fraction recognition
  • LED light source for reliable imaging conditions
  • Specific sample carrier for fraction detection
  • Air displacement liquid handling channels for cross contamination free pipetting

Sample Tracking

  • Primary tube barcode identification
  • Consumables identification
  • Labware tracking
  • 2-D barcode scanner for seamless integration available
  • Customizable output files for LIS/LIMS integration


  • Predefined methods available for short and easy process integration
  • Specially designed tip to optimize pipetting accuracy
  • Specific liquid classes for either fraction and tip pre-programmed


  • Cost-efficient CO-RE Gripper for plate movements
  • Multi-channel heads
  • Heating and cooling devices
  • HEPA hoods