Polyplast Pro pH sensor

The Maintenance free Polyplast Pro sensor is designed for pH measurement in water applications, especially in low conductvity samples, e.g. wastewater, fish farming, ground water, etc.

The Single Pore liquid junction guarantees best measurement results because of direct contact between the sample and the Polisolve electrolyte - clogging is nearly impossible. the Polyplast Pro sensor comes with a robust plastic shaft and glass bulb protection.

Accessories for the Polyplast Pro


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  • Manual - Process pH and ORP - Traditional

    General Process pH and ORP sensor manual for EasyFerm, Polilyte Plus, ChemoTrode, FermoTrode, IonoTrode, MecoTrode, Polilyte Pro, Polyplast Pro, Liq-Glass, and EasyControl products.
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  • BSE / TSE / Jatropha Statement

    All products manufactured by HAMILTON Bonaduz AG are produced from synthetic or manufactured components. HAMILTON products and processes do not make use of raw materials of animal or human or Jatropha origin at any point in their manufacture and storage.
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