The 2-pole conductivity products range from economical plastic-body sensors to Arc-enabled Conducell UPW sensors with pure water simulation for WFI validation.

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Conductivity sensor - Conducell

Conducell UPW

Our full feature sensor for WFI, UPW and other pure water measurement applications.
Conducell 2 DC PG 2 pole

Conducell 2DC-PG

Easy to clean plastic shaft and graphite electrodes with 5 m fixed cable allows for easy submersion.


Conducell UPWConducell 2DC-PG
Measuring Range 0.01 - 1500 µS/cm 10 µS/cm - 20 mS/cm
Measurement Principle 2-pole 2-pole
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 140 °C
(Arc: analog 0 – 110 °C, digital 0 – 130 °C
-5 – 80 °C
Pressure Range (bar g) 0 – 10 bar (130 °C) 0 – 6 bar
Hygienic Aspects Autoclavable, CIP, SIP --
Cell Constant < 0.1/cm 1/cm
Electrode Material Stainless Steel 1.4435 Graphite


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