Like every water treatment system, municipal systems have certain limitations regarding quantity, pH, biological and chemical oxygen demand, and others. Therefore the wastewater of the chemical industry needs to be adjusted accordingly to meet the local requirements and to ensure their functionality.



pH in Wastewater

Municipal wastewater systems can handle wastewater only in within certain limits, especially if the operate a biological treatment step. So before industrial wastewater enters the municipal system the pH value has to fulfill the local requirements and needs to be adjusted if necessary.

Dissolved Oxygen in Wastewater

The corrosivity status of wastewater and its influence on the municipal system can be determined by its dissolved oxygen content and other parameters like pH and ORP. If industrial wastewater is treated on site in a biological step the DO content is important for its efficiency.

Conductivity in Wastewater

Salinity of wastewater and other solutions has an effect on the corrosion behavior and the amount of oxygen that can be dissolved. The higher salinity gets the less oxygen can get dissolved and thus the wastewater might have a negative effect on the biological treatment and corrosion of the materials involved.

Specific Applications

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