Retracto Control 2

The RetractoControl 2 is an automated electro-pneumatic control system for our Retractex housings. By automating sensor retraction and cleaning processes, the Hamilton RetractoControl 2 allows you to reduce maintenance time and cost as well as increase the sensor lifetime in your process*. As the unit is designed and manufactured with the Retractex aperture in mind, the time for installation of automated sensor reaction and cleaning system is greatly reduced*.

Features include:

• Automatic sensor retraction and reinsertion
• Customizable programming allows for optimization to your process
• Automatized cleaning

*Dependent on your process, installation and use of the system.

Technical Data


Pneumatic hosesØ - externalØ - internal

For compressed air supply

8 mm6 mm
For control air 6 mm4 mm
For position feedback 4 mm2 mm


DimensionsPlasticStainless steel


300 mm300 mm
Height 400 mm400 mm
Depth 250 mm250 mm

Environmental conditions



Ambient temperature0...55°C / 32...131°F

Transport and storage temperature

-10...60°C / 14...141°F
Environment Relative humidity10...95%, non-condensing
Protection classHousing with switches and LEDsIP 54, with guard door closed
Housing with displayIP 54, with guard door closed

Electrical connection values


Voltage supply

24 V DC (+/-10%)30 VA
Input for external contacts 24 V DCSelf-supply for floating contact
Maximum current consumption 1.6 A
Output for external relay, cleaning pump I, II and III24 V DCMax. 250 mA

Output for status and alarm contacts

24 V DCMax. 100 mA

Cleaning valves (optional)

Compressed air

According to ISO8573-1:2010 [5:4:4]

Filtered, 40 µm, water and oil-free
6 bar
No continuous air consumption

RetractoControl 2 Ordering Information

The RetractoControl is available in many configurations to suit your particular requirements. Please find below our ordering information table to quickly identify the correct ordering code. Don't hesitate to reach out to your personal sales manager who will be happy to answer your individual enquiries or simply fill out our enquiry form below.

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