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Rapid, High-Throughput COVID-19 Sample Processing Enabled by Hamilton’s MagEx STARlet and Zymo Research’s Quick-DNA/RNA™ Viral MagBead Kit

Automated Workflow Optimized for Quality, Quantity, Speed, Simplicity, and Protection

Reno, Nevada (April 30, 2020) – Hamilton Company and Zymo Research Corporation today announced that the MagEx STARlet assay ready workstation is now available pre-scripted with the Quick-DNA/RNA™ Viral MagBead Kit protocol to extract pure DNA/RNA from the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. The jointly developed automated solution offers significant advantages compared to manual processing of samples via traditional time-consuming methods such as spin columns.

As time is of the essence, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, both Companies note that their facilities are operating at full speed, and the products may be rapidly delivered to labs in need. With a pre-programmed and pre-configured workstation and streamlined magnetic bead-based protocol, users can quickly, and effectively assimilate the system and scale their sample extraction and purification steps – up to 96 samples in 1-2 hours – without disruptive lag time.

Zymo Research’s Quick-DNA/RNA™ Viral MagBead Kit extracts and purifies viral DNA and RNA from plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media, blood, saliva, cellular suspensions, swabs, fecal, and biopsy samples. The highly pure nucleic acids may be used in any downstream application, including next generation sequencing (NGS), hybridization-based and RT/qPCR detection.

The MagEx STARlet assay ready workstation based on Hamilton’s Microlab® STAR™ automated liquid handler, contains all tools necessary to process samples without manual intervention. By doing so, human-based pipetting errors and variability are eliminated, risk of biohazard exposure is significantly reduced, and users are free to focus on critical, high-value tasks while the system operates unattended. Hamilton’s patented CO-RE® (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology creates an air-tight seal between the pipetting mandrel and Hamilton’s specialized CO-RE tips during liquid handling steps to support highly accurate and consistent results. This also provides gentle tip ejection to significantly reduce the risk of biohazard exposure and cross-contamination.

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