Hamilton Solutions for the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Hamilton is an essential business partner in the fight against Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We are supplying labs and biotech companies around the world with equipment and consumables to automate patient testing, hasten vaccine compound development, and enable efficient innoculation manufacturing for combating SARS-CoV-2.

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Working Hard to Meet Demand

Hamilton is taking all steps possible to ramp up production of our products, even in these challenging times. We have increased our production hours and hired more staff to keep our facilities producing nonstop. Even while we’ve increased production, we are also taking careful measures to ensure safety. To keep our manufacturing, warehousing, and engineering employees safe, we’ve installed thermal cameras and implemented social distancing measures and PPE for all employees. We increased our cleaning regimen to ensure that our facilities are sanitized frequently. We take our role as a supplier to laboratories seriously and we are here to meet your need.

Solutions that follow the CDC

Automate Protocols for CDC Authorized and FDA Cleared Testing Kits

Hamilton’s liquid handling workstations MagEx STARlet and PCR Prep STARlet follow the guidelines set out by the United States CDC and automate the in vitro diagnostic tests cleared by the FDA. These solutions can help you implement automation to maximize throughput and control quality.
The expertise you need

We Have the Expertise You Need for Other Types of Testing

Even if you're not testing patients for acute infection, you can still connect with Hamilton to configure the right solution with high priority. We have experts deeply familiar with the NGS, ELISA, and other workflows related to COVID-19 testing.

"I can't thank your team enough for their exceptional push to get our devices installed and running so effectively. The team was fast, comprehensive and flexible; thank you so much. By building our high-throughput testing facility, we're saving lives, getting people back to work so they can pay their bills — We couldn't do this without Hamilton."

— Justin Lock, Head of Research & Development, Color

Testing for Acute Infection

Identifying the Viral Strain

Testing for Antibody Response

Related Devices

Have a Hamilton Already?

Our team can help you re-purpose your Hamilton liquid handler for COVID-19 work.


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Hamilton Science Activities

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Help Across Hamilton

All Hamilton divisions are ready to support you in your Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) fight.

Laboratory Products

Hamilton’s technical support specialists and R&D engineers are ready to jump in and troubleshoot any issues related to laboratory equipment such as syringes, needles, pipettes, or HPLC columns.

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Process Analytics

As vaccines and treatments become ready for production, Hamilton’s process analytics specialists are ready to consult on the best sensor technologies and measurement loops needed to ensure quick and reliable manufacturing from pilot to production.

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Automated Liquid Handling Platforms

Automation can help a testing facility to scale up quickly, and Hamilton is ready to meet the urgency with quality solutions fast.

Laboratory syringes

Liquid Handling Components

In addition to automated liquid handling platforms, Hamilton also offers liquid handling components such as precision syringe pumps, pipetting channels, and custom syringes and valves.

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Automated Sample Management

Hamilton offers a wide range of quality automated sample storage solutions for testing facilities, available now for urgent shipment to meet this crisis head on.

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