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You need to know quickly whether or not a fluid handling component is going to work in your device. That’s why Hamilton makes all of its CAD models, component manuals, and technical information freely available to instrumentation designers and engineers.

Your success is Hamilton’s success. Our community of experienced engineers is ready to generate custom solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you are in the beginning conceptualization stages or are deep in the design trenches, our experts are ready to assist and get your innovation to market faster.

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Hamilton Components

Hamilton Liquid Handling Devices


A fully automated, self-contained pipetting module using air displacement pipetting technology.


A reduced size ZEUS that allows for easy integration into smaller instruments.

3. ZEUS X1

The next generation of air displacement pipetting technology.

4. PSD/6

A compact but full-height pump offers the largest range of compatible syringe sizes.

5. PSD/4

A half-height syringe pump for compact applications.

6. MVP/4

Self-contained valve positioners for bi-directional valve actuators used for fluid selection and redirection

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