Seamless Integration

ZEUS X1 (Z-Excursion Universal Sampler™ - eXchange Series 1 mL) is an automated air displacement pipette designed for seamless OEM integration. Combining Hamilton’s revolutionary air displacement pipetting technology with our advanced CO-RE®II (compressed O-ring expansion) technology ensures process security from start to finish.
ZEUS X1 is designed for accurate and precise liquid handling.

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Step into the Future with ZEUS X1

ZEUS X1 is equipped with innovative features designed to make integration into your OEM instrumentation faster and easier than ever. Featuring a new replaceable pipette head and our integrated z-axis, this automated air displacement pipette delivers unrivaled performance and flexibility while keeping your costs down.

Intelligent Liquid Handling For Better Results

ZEUS X1 conquers the challenges of standard pipetting applications through various active monitoring and correction methods. This ensures successful tip pickup, ejection, and every step in between for liquid handling between 1 µL and 1 mL.

  • Pressure and Capacitive Liquid Level Detection (pLLD & cLLD)
  • Qualitative Pipetting Monitoring™ (QPM)
  • Anti-Droplet Control (ADC)
  • Unmatched Performance of CO-RE®II Technology

More than Just a Component

Let Hamilton show you how the revolutionary ZEUS X1 air displacement pipetting modules can help you.
ZEUS X1 helps get your projects done on time, within specifications, and within budget, all while reducing long-term support costs.

Unmatched Performance
of CO-RE®II Technology

Our patented CO-RE®II Technology is designed to solve tip sealing and alignment issues plagued by press-fit tip pickup techniques.

  • Quick tip pickup/eject for increased throughput
  • Low-force tip pickup/eject eliminates mechanical stress on equipment
  • Replaceable O-ring for quick, easy, and low-cost maintenance
  • Titanium stop disc provides excellent tip alignment and retention

Partner with Hamilton

Integrate Hamilton's trusted liquid handling technology into your next OEM projects.

In addition to our revolutionary ZEUS X1 automated displacement pipette, Hamilton offers a wide variety of liquid handling components designed for seamless integration. Our goal is to ensure you integrate the highest quality technology where you need it most.

Work directly with our team of experts for all of your liquid handling and OEM needs.

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