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Macquarie University | FMHS/Neurosurgery
Shinuo Liu

Shinuo Liu and his team are investigating the mechanism of fluid inflow and outflow from the spinal cord. To these ends, a fluorescent CSF tracer is injected either into the cisterna magna or the spinal cord parenchyma of rats and its pattern of redistribution, into or out of the cord, is analyzed. In the past 12 months this research project has yielded multiple world first insights into normal fluid and cerebrospinal fluid physiology of the spinal cord.

They have been using exclusively 30 gauge and 34 gauge (Nanofil) bevelled needles for their experiments. They are currently in the middle of determining whether respiration affects the flow of fluid into the spinal cord. So far the results are interesting and promising! Further tests are being conducted to validate their results, but feel they are on the cusp of exciting discoveries.

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