DATE: August 2019
Van Andel Institute | Center for Neurodegenerative Science
Hong-Yuan Chu, Assistant Professor

We will use related products for stereotaxic surgery to selectively express specific genes in given brain regions in order to carry out optogenetic, chemogenetic, or genetic experiments to study cellular and neural circuitry changes in animal models of Parkinson's disease. In addition, we regularly have undergraduate interns and graduate students in my lab (total number would be 2-4 per year), and Hamilton products will increase their chance to learn and gain hand-on experience in stereotaxic surgery in neuroscience research and benefit their study in both short and long terms.

We perform Parkinson's disease research and the outcome of our research will be impactful. We apply cutting-edge viral vector tools to our research, and we are the major research institute in this city and provide training/education opportunities to many local college students and Hamilton's support benefits their studies and long-term research careers.

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