Date: June 2012
Wilkes University | Spectroscopy
Aniello Tambasco, M.B.A, Lab Technician/Assistant/Part-Time Lab Instructor

Our goal at Wilkes University (Wilkes-Barre, PA) is to teach our students to be sustainable but yet not compromising accuracy and precision. With the Hamilton syringes we are able to teach our students these three things. The Hamilton grant was a big help by alleviating additional lab expenses and obtaining world class syringes for all our spectroscopy and delivery needs.

The experience of the Hamilton syringe is extremely rewarding because I remember being an undergrad and using a Hamilton syringe for all my lab spectroscopy. The most rewarding part is the easy and low maintenance required by the syringes. Once a student experiences the use of a Hamilton syringe, everything else is simply considered below standard.

The most interesting part is that many of our graduates have moved on to graduate school or industry. Once they return to visit I always inquire about their experiences and what is most notable. They always mention how they use Hamilton syringes or how they suggested that their labs purchase Hamilton products. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising tool that companies can obtain and it’s free.

Last year, a student was working in a micro scale environment. Their starting product was extremely expensive and they had enough for three trials. The student was concerned on how she was going to deliver that small amount. I told them no fear because Hamilton is here. I gave her a 10 microliter syringe to use and the experiment was a success. The student was so grateful because her grade depended upon it. We were all relieved because she had enough product left for a fourth trial if it was necessary.

Lastly, when I mention Hamilton again these fours words come to mind sustainability, accuracy, precision and easy. This really sums it all up because again like I stated above. NO FEAR HAMILTON IS HERE! That is true in all senses especially when working in a lab and how the costs of chemicals increase monthly. Easy of mind and relaxation is obtained when I know my students use the Hamilton products. Thanks again for manufacturing and standing behind such great products.


Aniello Tambasco, M.B.A
Wilkes University
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766

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