The On-Deck Fluorescence Detection Solution

The Fluoreye is a small liquid handling device that automates the On-Deck Fluorescence Detection.
Are you looking for a reliable and affordable fluorescence detection system that integrates seamlessly with your Hamilton Liquid Handling System?
If so, then Fluoreye is the perfect solution for laboratories.
With its compact size and minimal space requirements, Fluoreye can be easily integrated into your existing setup, whether it's a first-time project or a retrofitting effort. And with only one SLAS/ANSI position required, you can easily upgrade your current equipment with Fluoreye's fluorescence detection capabilities – without the need for expensive integration, housing, transport devices or programming efforts for collision avoidance.
The two excitation and two detection wavelengths allow for fully integrated DNA or RNA quantification, and the subsequent normalization without user interaction make Fluoreye compatible with many kits on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Sensitive fluorescence detection for increased specificity
  • Easy retrofitting - reader moves while the plate can stay in place
  • Easy integration concepts for Hamilton's STAR, STAR V and VANTAGE line, as well as Hamilton's Assay Ready Workstations NGS STAR, NGS STAR V
  • Full deck accessibility* for fast and efficient data collection
  • Single source for all hardware and software - making integration a breeze
  • Uses the sequence concept of VENUS - fast, easy and

*Fluoreye is transported with a 1000 μL Pipetting Channel and therefore faces the same restrictions (e.g. for 16 Channel Instruments).

A STAR device with a closed front and Labware Full HD

Compatible with Hamilton Liquid Handling Platforms

The first page of the flyer for a Fluoreye device

Want to review specifications?

Download the Fluoreye flyer for a full list of features and devices specifications.

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