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Are you searching for a more efficient and reliable way to purify your RNA and DNA?

It’s possible with Hamilton’s Microlab PREP and Omega Bio-Tek’s renowned RNA/DNA purification kits. Join Hamilton’s Michael Vuke and Omega Bio-tek’s Jeff Roeder for a webinar, “Streamline your RNA/DNA Purification with Hamilton & Omega Bio-tek”!

Michael and Jeff will discuss:

  • The advantages of transitioning to automated liquid handling
  • How the PREP simplifies RNA/DNA automation, ideal for labs new to automation or in academia
  • The benefits of shifting your workflows from spin columns to magnetic beads with Omega Bio-Tek
Omega Webinar Speakers Michael and Jeff


  • Michael Vuke

    Michael Vuke

    Sr. Sales Representative, Lab Solutions, Hamilton
  • Jeff roedar

    Jeff Roedar

    Field Applications Manager, Omega Bio-Tek

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