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LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper

LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper

Automated screw cap decapper and barcode reader for liquid handling integration

The Integrated I.D. Capper features all of the utility of the standalone version and allows users to seamlessly integrate these features with their Hamilton Microlab STAR. With the addition of an extended linear rail, tube racks and cap holder racks can be presented directly onto the deck of the STAR allowing for easy automation of tube processing workflows. 

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New Feature: 6-Channel Head

  • Enables use of 24-format tubes in addition to 48- and 96-format tubes 
  • Decap a wide variety of internally or externally threaded tubes and vials
  • Allows laboratories to work with tube volumes and types that are most appropriate for their specific needs

Flexible Automated Tube Decapping and 1D/2D Barcode Reading

  • Decap tubes in 24-, 48- and 96-format tube racks with internal and external threads from all common labware suppliers
  • Process a full rack of tubes or row of tubes in portrait or landscape format within one device
  • Multiple integration configuration options allows users to directly pipette into decapped tube racks in track positions 1 through 6, or conserve deck space and integrate left of track 1
  • Optional 1D barcode reading for racks
  • Multiple tube heights can be read within the same rack
  • Compatible with SiLA (Standard in Laboratory Automation)
  • Highly-configurable output options for smooth integration into LIMS or databases

Sample Security

  • New secure processing mode provides sample security by minimizing the time a tube is opened—only one row is processed at a time by holding caps after decapping and then immediately recapping
  • Point-of-use decapping—limit risk of exposure or contamination from environment
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination by not moving over opened tubes


  • Automated 2D barcode reading and optional 1D barcode reading
  • Using optimized libraries, users can easily incorporate the device into existing VENUS software methods on the Microlab STAR and utilize all of its features to streamline workflows
  • Simple touchscreen interface for walk-up access in between long automated runs


  • 2D barcode reader processes a 96-format microtube rack in less than 3 seconds, and a 384-format tube rack in 5 seconds
  • Cutting-edge decoding technology allows for robust and secure identification of even challenging codes

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LabElite 6-Channel Head
Dimensions Configuration Left of STAR Deck: 90.4 cm x 38 cm x 54 cm (35.6 in x 15.0 in x 21.3 in)
Configuration on STAR Deck: 77 cm x 38 cm x 54 cm (30.3 in x 15 in x 21.3 in)
Supported Labware Microtubes 0.25 mL to 1.4 mL  FluidX, Greiner, LVL, Matrix, Micronic and Nunc*
Cryovials 1 mL to 4 mL
 FluidX, Greiner, Micronic, and Nunc*
Supported 2-D barcodes
Datamatrix ECC 200, PDF417, QR Code
Camera 10 megapixel CMOS
Recommended PC   Windows 7 64 bit (Required), 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, 250GB HD, 16x DVD+/-RW
Communication Two USB 2.0 ports, one for the LabElite I.D. Capper instrument connection and one for the USB license dongle
Ethernet for integration

* Others available upon request.

The Integrated I.D. Capper is compatible with 0.25 mL to 1.4 mL microtubes from the following manufacturers:

  • FluidX
  • Greiner
  • LVL
  • Matrix
  • Micronic
  • Nunc

The Integrated I.D. Capper is compatible with 1 mL to 4 mL cryovials** from the following manufacturers:

  • FluidX
  • Greiner
  • Micronic
  • Nunc

*Others are available upon request.

**Contact Hamilton for specific tube compatibility.