Sample Storage Tubes

Optimized for Efficiency

Hamilton's line of sample storage tubes was designed for hassle-free operation and stability in automated workflows.

These sample tubes are optimized for use with all Hamilton Storage automated sample storage systems and decapping devices. In addition, these sample storage tubes work with Hamilton's line of robotic liquid handling platforms .

Our capped sample storage tubes are available in a variety of options to fit your automation needs. They are available as either non-sterile or sterile tubes, in bulk or pre-racked, and with a 2D bottom barcode.

Sample Storage Tube Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with both standard-density and high-density RackWare
  • Sealed with a silicone ring
  • Marked with a unique, high definition 2D bottom barcode
  • Height-optimized and automation friendly cap
  • Rotation stoppers on the tube neck ensure high precision tube positioning in the rack
  • Available as either non-sterile or sterile tube varieties
Hamilton sample storage tubes
Hamilton Sample Storage Tubes in RackWare Racks

Why are Quality Sample Storage Tubes Important?

Quality sample storage tubes are vital for many reasons. The most important and most obvious reason would be to preserve the integrity of your precious samples. Storage sample tubes that are manufactured poorly with substandard plastics don't allow for an optimal seal, can break easily, and/or leak.

It is pivotal for researchers and scientists to ensure reproducible results, regardless of whether the tubes are brand new or have been stored in extreme cold temperatures for a period of time.

Additionally, barcoded tubes are becoming an important asset for daily workflows. As more laboratories shift to semi- or fully automated workflows, 1D and 2D barcoded tubes make end-to-end sample tracking easier and more efficient.

Hamilton sample storage tubes are manufactured with quality materials and free of detectable DNase/RNase, human DNA, and endotoxins. They are also non-cytotoxic and can be ordered as either sterile or non-sterile tubes.

Sample Storage Tube Specifications

VolumeThread TypeBulk (Bag) or RackedQuantity
0.3 mLInternalBulk960 tubes
0.3 mLInternalSDR-096-01 with lid10 racks
0.6 mLInternalBulk960 tubes
0.6 mLInternalSDR-096-02 with lid10 racks
1.0 mLInternalBulk960 tubes
1.0 mLInternalSDR-096-03 with lid10 racks
2.0 mL


Bulk500 tubes
2.0 mL


Bulk500 tubes
96-Format Tubes48-Format Tubes
0.3 mL0.6 mL1.0 mL2.0 mL Internal2.0 mL External
Working Volume235 μL580 μL975 μL2.0 mL2.2 mL
Measurements8.8 mm x
18.3 mm
8.8 mm x
33.3 mm
8.8 mm x
50.5 mm
12.5 mm x
47.7 mm
13.1 mm x
47.7 mm
Racked HeightsSDR-096-01: 18.8 mm

HDR-138-03: 20.4 mm

SDR-096-02: 33.8 mm

HDR-138-04: 34.1 mm

SDR-096-03: 51.1 mm

HDR-138-04: 51.1 mm

SDR-048-03: 49.3 mm

HDR-060-02: 49.4 mm

SDR-048-03: 49.3 mm

HDR-060-02: 49.4 mm

Temperature Range-196°C to +121°C-196°C to +121°C-196°C to +121°C-196°C to +100°C-196°C to +100°C
SterilizationSAL 10^-5SAL 10^-5SAL 10^-5SAL 10^-6SAL 10^-6
Bottom Barcode

- 2D Datamatrix
- Human readable code applied

- 2D Datamatrix
- Human readable code applied

- 2D Datamatrix
- Human readable code applied

- 2D Datamatrix
- Human readable code applied

- 2D Datamatrix
- Human readable code applied

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