Total Process Control

When it comes to process control in the biopharmaceutical industry, engineers around the globe rely on Hamilton’s longtime expertise to deliver the highest quality process sensors. With our new breed of sensors specifically designed for single-use applications, you can now expect the same precise and hassle-free measurements in your single-use processes.

Our single-use sensors combine the reliability and measurement stability of our long-term proven conventional sensors with the ease of use as an integral part of the bioreactor. The sensors retain the high accuracy performance even after gamma irradiation and a sufficient shelf life making it the ideal single-use solution.


ready to use sensors

Ready to Use

Pre-calibrated and sterilized integrated into the single-use container
sensor connectivity

Wide-Range Connectivity

Fully compatible with existing bioreactor controllers
short wet-in time

Short Wet-In Time

Reliable glass technology that can be wet-in in less than 30 minutes
sensor low drift

Very Low Drift

< 0.1 pH / week, unaffected by changing ionic strength

Single-Use OneFerm pH Sensors

Hamilton's solution for pH measurement in a single-use process

Gamma-sterilizable Up to 45 kGy
Shaft length options 70 mm, 120 mm, 225 mm, 325 mm, 425 mm
pH measuring range 3 – 10
Cytotoxicity Non-cytoxic according to ISO 10993-5 and USP <87> after gamma sterilization
Shift No shift of calibration values after gamma sterilization
Calibration Calibration coefficients for manual input
Dry storage Up to 18 months
Drift < 0.1 pH /week

The glass pH electrode is widely considered the most robust and reliable device available for pH measurement. Yet, traditional glass sensors are not designed for a single-use environment because they require laborious handling and increased risk of contamination.

While optical technology exists for single-use pH measurement, that technology has not delivered the reliable accuracy that bio-process engineers depend on.

By contrast, Hamilton's single-use OneFerm pH sensors feature the high-accuracy and performance of a traditional glass pH electrode, even after gamma irradiation and dry storage.


Single-Use VisiFerm DO Sensors

Hamilton's solution for dissolved oxygen measurement in a single-use process

Gamma-irradiatable Up to 50 kGy
Response time t98% < 30s at 25°C
Pressure range (bar g) 0 to 2 bar
Drift at room temperature < 1% per week
Wetted parts Cycloaliphatic polyamide (FDA approved, USP class VI), Silicone (FDA approved, USP class VI)
Wet-in time < 30 minutes

Hamilton's popular VisiFerm optical dissolved oxygen sensor is now available in a single-use format. Offering the same reliable electrochemical signal as a traditional sensor, the single-use version of the VisiFerm works with Hamilton's S0 and H20 cap kits and mounted directly into the bag or SU bioreactor.

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