Designed Specifically to Meet Your Single-Use Requirements

Our single-use sensors combine the reliability and measurement stability of our long-term proven conventional sensors with the ease of use as an integral part of the bioreactor. The sensors retain high accuracy performance even after gamma irradiation and offer a sufficient shelf life, making them the ideal single-use solution.

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Our Single-Use Product Portfolio

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Features and Benefits

ready to use sensors

Ready to Use

Pre-calibrated and sterilized integrated into the single-use container
sensor connectivity

Wide-Range Connectivity

Fully compatible with existing bioreactor controllers
short wet-in time

Short Wet-In Time

Reliable glass technology that can be wet-in in less than 30 minutes
sensor low drift

Very Low Drift

< 0.1 pH / week, unaffected by changing ionic strength



Gamma Sterilization

45 kGy (pH), 50 kGy (all other sensors)

Dry Storage Time

Before irradiation: 12 months for all sensors
After irradiation: 18 months pH,
24 months all other sensors

Pressure Range

0 to 2 bar (pH and ODO Cap S0)
0 to 1 bar (all other sensors)

Wet-in Time

< 30 minutes prior to measurement


ISO 10933-5 and USP <87>

Solutions for Single-Use Bags

sensors installed in single use bag

One Vendor, All the Measurements

Hamilton has worked closely with single-use bag manufacturers to understand the market needs.

Wide Variety of Measurements

Whether media prep, mixing, or cell culture, each application has different sensing requirements. Hamilton’s reusable measurement technologies
have been adapted for single-use bag installations.

Designed for Your Needs

There are no accordion-style insertion devices or probe assemblies that must be autoclaved. Single-use sensors come with either weld-in style measurement elements or work with industry standard port fittings. All products can be gamma sterilized with the bag prior to use.

Solutions for Single-Use Bioreactors

Technology You Can Trust

Reliable glass membrane pH technology offers a proven measurement with broad range and very low drift after wet-in. The OneFerm is available in lengths from 70 to 425 mm so that your entire bioreactor product family can be outfitted with single-use specific pH sensors.

The unique S2 optical DO cap mounts on an insertion tube from the bioreactor headplate. It uses the same technology as the industry leading VisiFerm Optical DO sensor.

General Requirements for All Sensors

  • 3rd party test data available for review
  • Packaging suitable for clean room environments
  • All sensor elements are pre-calibrated for manual input; No shift due to gamma irradiation
single use bioreactor with sensors installed

How Do I Purchase Single-Use Sensors?

Hamilton single-use sensors are currently only available to integrators such as bag, bioreactor, and downstream skid manufacturers.

  • Bioreactor, bag, and downstream skid manufacturers are encouraged to contact Hamilton to discuss integration opportunities.
  • End-users at biopharmaceutical companies are encouraged to ask their single-use solution provider if Hamilton sensors are available for their installation.


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