The elevated temperatures and pressures required for steam generation in power plants magnify the corrosive oxidizing effects of dissolved oxygen. Feedwater used in these applications must be deaerated to parts-per-billion trace levels to ensure that oxygen does not prematurely damage boiler tubing. Dissolved oxygen is measured before and after the deaeration process to ensure that the treated water is suitable for the boiler. After the steam is used in the turbine, it is condensed and pumped back with the boiler feedwater for reuse. Dissolved oxygen is frequently measured in the condensate pipelines to check for outside leaks that may lead to trace oxygen reentering the process.

Because of the extreme pressures and temperatures involved in power plant systems, DO is frequently measured in a sample line that has been pre-conditioned to reduce pressure and temperature. The measurement passes the sensor in a flow cell and then is disposed down a drain.

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