What is sensor initialization and why is it needed?

Sensor initialization is a process of identifying and defining each channel assignment used by the controller. This process not only identifies each sensor and pre-amplifier, but also identifies the Aux and Modbus ports.

When is sensor initialization needed?

Sensor initialization is required during the first usage of the cell density controller, after any software update, or when the controller is reset to factory settings. The current ArcView software version can be downloaded at the link below.

Cell Density Software

The image above shows the connectors found on the sideplate of the ArcView 265 Controller. This product has two sensor channels (top) as well as Aux and Modbus ports (bottom). Sensor initialization helps map these ports to the internal circuitry so the software properly identifies each connection.

What is needed for sensor initialization?

The below combinations can be used for proper channel assignment including the Aux and Modbus channels.

  • M12 cable plus pre-amplifier with sensor (Incyte or Dencytee) attached
  • M12 cable plus pre-amplifier with Cal Simulator attached
  • M12 cable plus pre-amplifier only

Where in the Arc View Controller/Combox software is the sensor initialization process located?

  • Enter the Administration Menu and press the ‘General Settings’ button.
  • Press ‘Initialization’ under the Initialization Arc View device menu and follow the instructions on the display.

The software will prompt the user through each channel, Aux, and Modbus. Click "save" at the end of the process to complete the initialization process.

What to do if sensor initialization fails?

Retry the process again starting from the Administrator menu. If the sensor initialization fails again, contact your local Hamilton representative for further technical support.

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