Boiler feed systems are closed systems but from time to time some water has to be refilled due to losses through evaporation or leakages. The composition of fresh water determines the treatment steps to qualify it for its use in a power plant. So close monitoring is essential to do the purification steps in an appropriate way.



Feed Water

The feed water needs to be monitored because it has to meet the requirements of the stator cooler to avoid corrosion of this valuable asset.

Stator Cooler

The stator cooler is a heat exchanger that ensures optimal temperature conditions to generate electrical power.


Steam is condensed to pure or ultra-pure water that is used as make-up water. Conductivity measurement helps to decide if the quality of the water is good enough for the process.

Cation Exchange

At the cation exchanger potentially polyvalent ions are removed to prevent corrosion. pH and conductivity values are measured before and after the ion exchanger to monitor the efficiency.

Water Before Turbines

Before the make-up water enters the turbines it has to be finally controlled for its conductivity and dissolved oxygen content to avoid corrosion and costly downtimes.

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