Syringe Accessory Syirnge Guide 80107

The Syringe Guide is a cost effective plunger support device. It is compatible with the 700, 1700 and 7000 series syringes. With only two guide arms the Syringe Guide protects the plunger from damage but should not be used to improve accuracy and precision.

Item # Description
14806 Guide Assembly, 700/1700 Series Syringes (5 - 10 µL)
14906 Guide Assembly, 700/1700 Series Syringes(25- 500 µL), 7000 Series Syringes


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  • Instructions - Syringe Guide Assemblies

    Hamilton Syringe Guide assemblies stabilize the fine plunger wires of some smaller volume syringes. It incorporates two stabilizing rods mounted in an upper nylon guide that slide freely through a lower nylon guide.
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