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Syringe Super Syringe

The Hamilton Super Syringe is a large volume gas tight syringe. These syringes are ideal for dispensing volumes from 500 mL up to 2 L. The Super Syringe is the only Hamilton syringe that is made with an acrylic barrel instead of a glass barrel.

Super Syringe Specifications

Model NumberVolumeBarrel Inner DiameterStroke LengthOperating PressureOperating Temperature
S500 500 mL 62 mm 166 mm 0.2 MPa 0 - 80 °C
S1000 1 L 87 mm 167 mm 0.2 MPa 0 - 80 °C
S1500 1.5 L 87 mm 250 mm 0.2 MPa 0 - 80 °C
S2000 2 L 87 mm 334 mm 0.2 MPa 0 - 80 °C


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