Smart Sample Preparation

The Microlab 700 is an innovative laboratory instrument for quickly performing analytical dilutions of standards and samples, filling the need between manual pipetting and full automation. With 99%+ accuracy and a highly inert fluid path, you can have confidence in your diluting and dispensing processes for even the most sensitive techniques.

The ideal solution for:

Diluting samples for chemical and biological analyses

Preparing standards and calibrators for analytical methods

Dispensing reagents and buffer solutions

Preparing samples for high-throughput screening


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Hamilton Microlab 700

How Does the Hamilton Microlab 700 Compare to Other Liquid Handling Systems on the Market?

Microlab 700 Controller and Unit
The Hamilton Microlab 700 stands out from its competitors in several ways. With its highly precise syringe pump and advanced software, the Microlab 700 offers a level of accuracy that is unmatched by many other liquid handling systems on the market. In fact, the Microlab 700 is capable of achieving up to 99% accuracy in dispensing volumes as small as 10 μl. This level of precision can save labs valuable time and resources by minimizing the need for repeat experiments and reducing preparation time.
Compared to the Hamilton Microlab 500 and 600 models, the Microlab 700 offers several significant advantages. The Microlab 700 is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, making it an ideal choice for labs that require strict data management and security protocols.
The Microlab 700 also offers a premium version of its software, which provides additional features such as remote troubleshooting, and method optimization. This makes the Microlab 700 a highly versatile and capable liquid handling system that can easily dilute and dispense a wide range of sample types and volumes. Overall, the Microlab 700 is a highly precise, reliable, and user-friendly liquid handling system that is well-suited for a variety of laboratory applications.

How can the Microlab 700 help you?

Whether you are working in a research lab, a clinical lab, or an industrial setting, the Microlab 700 can help you streamline your workflow. Here are some of the key applications where the Microlab 700 can make a real difference:

Guides, Manuals, and Software:

Explore our collection of guides, manuals, and software to make the most of your Hamilton Microlab 700. Whether you need help with set up, calibration, or operating the system, our resources are designed to provide comprehensive support and help you achieve optimal results.

Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Discover a wide selection of accessories and replacement parts for your Hamilton Microlab 700, designed to meet your evolving needs and maintain the system's peak performance. From pipette tips to liquid handling probes, our range of high-quality products ensures optimal accuracy, precision, and reliability in your lab workflows.

What's new in Microlab 700?

Do more, Better, Faster

The Hamilton Microlab 700 ensures consistent results independent of individual techniques and features on-screen instructions to guide the user through each step.

Easy to follow on screen instructions eliminate user to user variations, delivering reliable and repeatable sample preparation processes, allowing you to achieve more accurate and precise results faster.

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Hardware for the Microlab 700

Hamilton Microlab 700 Software

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Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
  • Guide - Microlab 700 Quick Start

    This Guide provides concise instructions for setting up and operating the Microlab 700, a laboratory liquid handling instrument. It includes diagrams and step-by-step procedures to ensure a smooth and successful start-up experience.
  • Microlab 700 IQ / OQ

    This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to ensure your Microlab 700 is installed and functioning properly.
  • Manual - Microlab RS-232 Communication

    The Microlab RS-232 Communication Manual is a comprehensive guide applicable to the entire Microlab product family that provides detailed instructions for communicating with Microlab liquid handling instruments via RS-232 protocol.
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