Hamilton Company provides a variety of different hand probes to accommodate any application. The Concorde Convertible Tip Hand Probe comes standard with our Single Syringe Dispensers, Dual Syringe Diluters and Continuous Dispenser models. The Dual Push-Button Hand Probe comes standard with our Dual Syringe Dispenser pumps. The Concorde CT Hand Probe can be converted in a Luer Lock Probe using the Hamilton Luer Lock Conversion Kit.

  • Hand Probes

    Part # / Ref # Description
    61401-01 Microlab 600 Concorde Convertible Tip Hand Probe
    61710-01 Accessory Holder with Tubing Management System
    62541-01 Dual Push Button Hand Probe
    62575-01 Large Volume Disposable Tip Hand Probe 5 mL
    63960-02 Microlab 600 Disposable Tip Hand Probe (DTHP)
  • Foot Switch and Other

    Part # / Ref # Description
    62576-01 Foot Switch
    63397-01 Hand Probe Extension Cable
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