Are you tired of time-consuming and strenuous manual fractionation processes? Introducing Hamilton’s -NEW- Liquid Fractionation technology, a pressure-based method that fully automates the fractionation process for liquids like centrifuged blood and other layered samples.

Join Hamilton experts William Hutchens and Brandon Bare for an in-depth webinar discussing Liquid Fractionation and how it can help your laboratory, including:

  • An overview of how the pressure monitoring technology fractionates samples
  • How automating the separation process can save significant time and effort compared to manual workflows.
  • How the pressure-based method provides laboratories with an alternative approach to image-based systems depending on their specific needs and preferences.
  • How the method enhances sample tracking capabilities by allowing fractionated samples to be seamlessly directed to multiple destinations.

Discover how this innovative pressure-monitoring technology can simplify how your lab fractionates samples.

Brandon Bare and William Hutchens


  • William Hutchens

    William Hutchens

    Automation Engineer, Hamilton
  • Brandon Bare

    Brandon Bare

    Robotics Software Support Manager, Hamilton

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