The Verso is Hamilton’s medium to large scale sample storage system delivering the highest performance in sample management. This session provides an excellent method to view a Hamilton Verso storing, sorting, and retrieving samples. The demonstration uses advanced webinar settings and multiple cameras to provide you a full view of Hamilton Verso operations from all aspects. New and advanced features are demonstrated to provide a strong understanding of the potential to improve your group’s sample handling and to what extend all your requirements of your sample management processes are met.

  • Target audience:
    • Researchers and scientists who want to learn about the multifaceted and diverse capabilities of the Verso Storage System.
    • Lab Managers planning the purchase an automated storage system who want to understand how Hamilton Verso will serve their needs.

Please note: Registration requires company/organization issued email address. Personal email addresses such as gmail, hotmail, aol, etc. will not be accepted.


  • Tobias Gafafer

    Team Leader Product Management, Hamilton Storage GmbH

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