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Automated biobanking technologies offer advantages over traditional manual storage systems for protecting sample integrity and security, streamlining biobanking activities, and making the most efficient use of space and energy. In this webinar, we will first provide an overview of the beneficial role automation plays in biobanking applications. We will describe how the BiOS automated storage system supports a high-throughput biobanking workflow. We will also offer guidelines for setting up and achieving the highest efficiency from BiOS. Finally, we will provide a case study showing the implementation of BiOS in a real-world environment.

  • Target audience:
    • Researchers and scientists who currently rely on manual freezer storage for biobanking but are interested in learning how to increase efficiency and maintain sample integrity with automated sample storage.
    • Lab managers planning the purchase of an automated storage system who wish to understand how Hamilton BiOS will serve their operational and research needs.

Please note: Registration requires company/organization issued email address. Personal email addresses such as gmail, hotmail, aol, etc. will not be accepted.

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  • Michelle Ng Almada400

    Dr. Michelle Ng-Almada

    BiOS Product Manager - Hamilton Storage

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