Yeast management

Stop counting your yeast manually

Yeast management (yeast propagation, yeast addition and control of the harvested yeast) are the most important process steps during the production of beer, because they significantly determine the taste and quality. These process steps require a defined yeast management. However, its implementation is anything else than easy.


Manual cell count is costly and time consuming

Difficult determination of volume because of foam formation during sampling

Yeast tank may not be homogeneous

No 100% reproducible results, since employees count differently

The Solution

Continuous in-line monitoring of viable yeast cells enables you to much better control the important processes in your fermentation cellar. Improve your product consistency and minimize time and financial losses. All you need is an Incyte Arc viable cell density sensor from Hamilton!


  • Reproducible quality of propagation yeast

  • Easily find the optimum timing for yeast addition

  • Reproducible fermentation processes thanks to ideal dosage of viable cells

  • Optimal yeast harvest saves time and cost

See how the Germany's Kulmbacher brewery optimizes their brewing process with Incyte Arc

Kulmbacher Brauerei uses the Incyte Arc viable cell density sensor particularly for yeast pitching. In this video, you can learn about the challenges that breweries face with regards to yeast management and why Kulmbacher Brauerei relies on Incyte Arc when it comes to yeast pitching.

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