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Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is well-known as a complicated and intricate process. One major challenge in this process is the product itself. Proteins are highly complex molecules with many closely related variants, making analysis and control difficult. Quality control relies on regular process sampling and complex analytics that can typically only be performed in the lab. Improving this quality control process requires a true disruption of the traditional in-lab work with an advancement to smart quality control. Smart quality control shifts quality and performance monitoring to the shop floor to enable in-line monitoring, automated process control, and real-time release. In this webinar, we will cover an engaging BioPharma 4.0 discussion on shifting quality control to the shop floor.

Giovanni Campolongo, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics
Hamilton Bonaduz AG
Thanks to his experience in the field of sensor technology and GMP compliance, Giovanni focuses on PAT (process analytical technology) solutions and their applications in regulated environments.