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The Beverly Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer is used in many different brewery applications and may be considered for can and bottle piercing measurements, as well. Since the volume of beer is relatively small, there are some tips to follow to effectively use the device below.

Considerations for using Beverly:


Once the can is pierced, the beer must be forced out through the Beverly. This can be done using an inert gas such as nitrogen or CO2. The gas supply must be ultra-high purity (99.999% or greater) with no trace oxygen. This avoids any measurement error. Some customers will purge the Beverly and related tubing from the piercer prior to measurement to speed up the results.


For best accuracy the Beverly should be at the same temperature as the beer being measured. This means either refrigerating the Beverly with the beer OR allowing both beer and Beverly to come to room temperature prior to the measurement.

Tubing and fittings

The inlet fitting on the Beverly is ISO style straight thread (PG13.5) and can be changed out to better accommodate smaller tubing. Smaller diameter tubing helps avoiding wasting gas and will speed up the measurement. Also consider shortening the tubing to optimize the measurement.


If there are extra “burner” bottles or cans then consider using them to take initial measurements and get a feel for the measurement.

Please remember that the Beverly provides a dissolved oxygen reading. Many breweries are looking for TPO (Total Package Oxygen) which also includes oxygen in the headspace of the bottle or can which must be accounted for.

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