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New Incyte Arc sensor for viable cell density measurement

(Bonaduz, 5/23/2019) - Hamilton Process Analytics presented its large portfolio for on-line measurement and control solutions at the 2019 ESACT (European Society for Animal Cell culture Technology) meeting in Copenhagen. During the four-day event, the bioprocess-monitoring company introduced its brand new Incyte Arc sensor. This new sensor enables the integration of viable cell density measurements together with dissolved oxygen and pH signals into bioprocess controllers.

During the meeting, several institutions explained how on-line cell density monitoring supports better bioprocess understanding and enables real-time control. For example the Rentschler Institute, a CDMO specialized in bioprocess development, showed a poster about “Dynamic Biomass-based Feeding of an Industrial CHO Fed-batch Process”. The Universities of Mannheim and Hohenheim proposed a contribution about “Temperature Dependent Cell Count In Bioreactors”.

As a platinum sponsor, Hamilton itself sponsored sessions on “Cell culture process controls and analytics”. Those provided further insights from closing the loop on cell culture analyzer variability to PAT integration with perfusion.

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