(Bonaduz, April 15, 2014) – Hamilton Bonaduz AG successfully demonstrated the newly developed Microlab® 300 pipettor, the industry’s first guided pipetting system, at the Analytica 2014 trade fair in Munich, Germany. The Microlab 300 pipetting system was one of the highlights at the Hamilton booth and impressed the professional visitors with its significant optimization of security features, application reproducibility, superior ergonomics and reduced user error. The product is designed to bring the assurance of an automated liquid handling system into the hands of a laboratory technician at a low cost without complex programming.

The Microlab 300 offers an intuitive, graphical interface that allows the user to string together operations such as pipetting, aliquoting and serial dispensing, and then display the programmed methods on a large color touchscreen.

“Microlab 300 combines the performance of a fully automated liquid handling platform with the flexibility and affordability of a manually controlled process,” said Monika Alder Novotni, product manager of Laboratory Products. “When liquids have to be pipetted one after another, signs of fatigue and concentration errors may occur. The Microlab 300 alleviates this issue.”

The Disposable Tip Hand Probe requires less force to attach and eject ClickSure™ pipette tips resulting in a more ergonomic experience for the user. Because the force required to attach a ClickSure tip is minimal compared to traditional pipettes, technicians do not need to heavily push the probe into a box of tips and can instead conserve their energy.

The Microlab 300 Series Pipettor comes with three easy-to-use liquid classes that cover the standard range of volatile, aqueous and viscous liquids. By selecting one of these liquid classes, the instrument will automatically adjust pipetting speeds and increase pipetting accuracy. Microlab 300 methods are specifically designed so that users can easily switch liquid classes as needed.