25 years ago, the first Hamilton-sensor was produced in Bonaduz – looking back on an upward trend

(Bonaduz, April 29, 2014) – This year, Hamilton Bonaduz AG has reason to celebrate – 25 years ago, the experts for process sensor technology produced their first pH-sensors. Although the efficient pH-glasses with the patented Single Pore concept were originally designed for laboratory use during the 1990’s, the solution asserted itself widely. Only a few years later, the pH-sensors were developed for the industry as well and became indispensable. In 2004, Hamilton developed novel conductivity standards for pure water control and was the first to provide conductivity standards with 1.3 und 5 μS/cm with a certified accuracy of ±1 %. The Hamilton standards continue to show an unmatched stability, even a state-run metrology institute has taken notice of that. Another highlight in the sensor’s history was the development of the VisiFerm DO sensors in 2008. The innovative new method for the optical measurement of oxygen in process can be used in a variety of purposes and deployed in breweries as well as in waste water examinations. With its Arc Sensors however, Hamilton revolutionized process analytics in 2010. These sensors eliminated the need for a transmitter when measuring pH, DO or conductivity. During the last two years, the company further developed the technology for brewing processes. With the portable DO measuring system Beverly and Biomass sensing technology for cell cultures and fermentation processes, Hamilton was able to set new standards again.

It is not without a certain pride that the Swiss company looks back on these remarkable results of that last 25 years. At this point it needs to be added that the sensors are not only in use in different industry segments since 1989; also the worldwide dissemination of the technology is remarkable: with market shares of 25% on pH and more than 30% on DO sensors, Hamilton is one of the leading providers within the area of biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.

“We have been well on track for 25 years now with our sensor technology. The products have established themselves on the market and still set the standards”, Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics, summarizes, seeming to be certain, that the upward trend will continue.