Arc Conductivity Sensor for Pure and Ultra-Pure Water

Arc benefits for Pure and Ultra–Pure water

No transmitter needed: Cost savings at acquisition, reduction of commissioning time, space saving

Direct connectivity to control system: Reliable, robust signal, direct data transfer from the sensor to PC/PCS, no humidity interference, no cable length issues

Intelligence in the sensor: Arc Sensors offer fully compensated measurement signals with integrated diagnostics, history, sensor and calibration data and monitoring of ultra-pure water acc. to USP <645>

Measurement units for: Conductivity: μS/cm, mS/cm, Temperature: °C, K, °F

Easy operation: User-friendly interface, configuration profile, quality indicator

Conducell PWSE Arc TC 1.5 and Conducell PWSE Arc PG 13.5 for water quality measurements in sanitary applications: All medium affected material are FDA approved, it can be easily cleaned and withstands CIP cleanings and autoclavations

Automatic standard calibration: CONDUCELL PWSE Arc sensor utilizes a one-point calibration procedure with automatic standard recognition. If the corresponding standard is activated for automatic calibration, the sensor recognizes a standard, monitors the correctness and stability of the conductivity and temperature signals, and performs the calibration.