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Ml600 Universal Valve Right


Valve Model Description Microlab 600 Universal Valve Right
Fluid Path PTFE/CTFE
Nominal Port Diameter 0.059 inch (1.5 mm)
Housing Material PEEK
Actuated All Microlab 600 instruments
Break Away Torque 65 in oz. (455 mNm)
Panel Mounting No
Threaded Connection ¼-28
Operating Temp High 38 °C (100 °F)
Operating Temp Low -12 °C (10 °F)
Operating Pressure 0 to 100 psig (0 to 6.9 bar)
Storage Temp High 38 °C (100 °F)
Storage Temp Low -18 °C (0 °F)
  • Part # / Ref: 60675-01
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