Syringe Gel Loading

Gel Loading Syringes are designed with small gauge needles that a perfect for loading the lanes on an electrophoresis gel. The most common application is for multiplex DNA sequencing methodologies. Rapidly transfer 1, 8, or 12 samples to sequencing gels, MICROTITER® plates or nylon membranes. Accurately dispense from 0.2 to 10 µL of sample per syringe simultaneously. The fixed syringes offer 9 mm needle spacing and the adjustable width syringe goes from 9 – 10.8 mm. A settable volume stop allows for faster, more accurate reloading and excellent reproducibility.

  • Single Channel Gel Loading Syringes

  • Multi Channel Gel Loading Syringes

  • Adjustable Multi Channel Gel Loading Syringes


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  • Instructions - Multi-Channel Gel Loading Syringe

    The Hamilton Multi-Channel Gel Loading Syringe (MCGLS) easily and accurately transfers 8 or 12 DNA samples to sequencing gels for electrophoresis, to another microwell plate for duplicate analysis, or to nylon membranes for visualization. Samples can be easily transferred by microwell plate column using the 8-channel pipette, or by row using the 12-channel pipette.
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