Needles Gel Loading Needles

These are replacement needles for the fixed width Gel Loading Syringe. The needles are available in 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4 mm outer diameters. The 0.2 and 0.3 mm needles are jacketed with a thicker gauge needle so only a short distance of the fine gauge needle is exposed. This added protection minimizes damage to the fine gauge needle.

  • Fixed Position Gel Loading Needles

  • Adjustable Position Gel Loading Needles

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  • Instructions - Multi-Channel Gel Loading Syringe

    The Hamilton Multi-Channel Gel Loading Syringe (MCGLS) easily and accurately transfers 8 or 12 DNA samples to sequencing gels for electrophoresis, to another microwell plate for duplicate analysis, or to nylon membranes for visualization. Samples can be easily transferred by microwell plate column using the 8-channel pipette, or by row using the 12-channel pipette.
  • SDS - Needle Cleaning Solution

    Safety data sheets (SDS) are documents that allow for the documentation and logging of the potential risks and hazards associated with a product or substance. Hamilton Company provides SDS sheets for many of it's syringe and needle parts and accessories. Download the safety data sheet for Hamilton's needle cleaning solution.
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