Ml600 Microlab Controller Overview Diluter

Microlab 600 Basic Controller

The Basic Controller is ideal for completing simple diluting and dispensing tasks. Quickly set the desired volume in the Quick Start Run Screen and begin.

  • Simple Diluting – Diluent is drawn in from the reservoir by the left syringe and sample is drawn into the hand probe by the right syringe. Both syringes dispense through the hand probe to complete the dilution. The diluent washes the sample from the tubing so the system is ready for the next sample.
  • Simple Dispensing – Solvent is drawn in from the reservoir and then dispensed out through the hand probe. Each fill is accompanied by a dispense. With the Basic controller it is not possible to perform multiple dispenses from a single fill of the syringe.

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Advanced Controller

Many applications require more than the simple fill and dispense functionality provided by the Basic Controller. Unlock the full potential of the Microlab 600 by upgrading to the Advanced Controller. The Advanced Controller delivers these additional functions through intuitive Wizards or the Custom Method Editor. Wizard settings can be saved as Favorites or a Custom Methods on the 2GB Hardware Key.

Ml600 Dilution

Wizards Menu

Easy-to-understand Wizards give step-by-step guidance for basic set up configuration and all applications to simplify programming. Wizards go beyond simple diluting and dispensing to include repetitive dispensing, air gaps, system washes, variable speeds and probe light control. These additional functions increase flexibility and throughput of the Microlab 600.

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Compliance and Logging

The advanced controller includes a comprehensive compliance package providing a variety of security protections, simplified adherence to FDA GXP regulations, administration for user accounts, log files that conform to 21 CFR Part 11, and management of log files on a PC using the LyncStore application.

Favorites Menu

Frequently used Wizard settings can be saved as Favorites which can be quickly recalled from any Wizard. These Favorites streamline switching between methods and ensure that once the ideal setup is established it can be repeated without variation day in and day out.

Archiving and Sharing Methods

Favorites and Custom Methods are stored on the Hardware Key. The card can be used to transfer methods between Microlab 600 Controllers or to a PC for archiving. Methods can also be transferred by email between colleagues.

Language Support

The Microlab 600 now features language support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Custom Methods

Custom Methods can be created to accomplish unique liquid handling tasks. Incorporate loops, delays, external triggering, and execution counters with valve and syringe movements to create complex methods.